What can I eat after dental implant placement?

eating after dental implant

Here is another question you asked us at Elite dental and implant center about dental implant after case and we would like to address it here:
What can I eat after dental implant placement?


It’s very important you follow your dentist instruction for dental implants aftercare. It is recommended to consume liquid foods during the first two weeks like soups, yogurt, etc. In the third week, start with pasta, fish, eggs, finely chopped foods, and cereals.
In the second month, slightly firmer foods can be added: tender meats cut into pieces, cooked vegetables. Finally, after three months, you are ready to go back to your normal diet and eat whatever you want.

Dental Implant
Do not use a vibrating electric toothbrush

When using a vibrating toothbrush, it causes vibrations that loosen the internal screw. It is enough that the crown is just a little loose so that it starts to wiggle. Remember you can not tighten the screw, because the crown is cemented at the top of the Abutment that covers the screw. You can not loosen the screw anymore without rotating the whole tooth. It is very difficult to separate all the parts in order to tighten the screw, which means that you have to replace the crown.

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Hot Drinks

Dental implants are made of metal. Metal retains heat much better than soft human tissue. If you drink a very hot liquid, the implant is likely to heat up and the heat of the liquid may be transmitted to the tooth, which is likely to heat long enough to burn a thin layer of cells around the implant. By repeating drinking hot, you may lose your tooth implant. In general, if you can not touch a drink, like hot coffee, avoid drinking it!

The crown covering of your dental implant is porcelain. This, like glass, grows in volume with heat and contracts with cold. So if you drink something very cold then something very hot, the porcelain may crack. This applies to all porcelain crowns, and not just with dental implants. It may also affect your teeth. Although the enamel (teeth) works slightly differently, it can also crack or suffer from micro-cracks and become sensitive. So if you have just eaten ice cream, wait a few minutes before eating hot soup, otherwise, you may find pieces of your teeth in your mouth.