What Are The Benefits Of a Dental Implant?

Dental Implant
Your teeth are very valuable, be careful with cheap dental implants!

You are at the time of getting dental implants because you have read or heard that they have several advantages and are highly recommended, but before you proceed with the implant, you have the question of what is the price of a dental implant? This is an important question, however, there is no exact answer about the price because the price can vary considerably between the different clinics and a set of variables to consider such as the quality of the dental implant and the additional procedures that may be needed to carry out the procedure.

Dental Implant
Dental implants price is tied to different factors such as:
  • Structure of the jaw
  • Additional procedures
  • Treatment: All dental implants require a unique crown designed for each patient that is placed on top of the screw made out of titanium. And since each individual has different teeth, no two dental crowns can be the same, so the process of molding the dental crown and casting it is expensive.
  • Restoration process

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Implant success rate

If something is expensive it is because it has higher quality and that is the case of dental implants that are one of the best options to replace a missing tooth. The statistics indicate that the success rate of dental implants is over 90% which is a very motivating fact for the patient because in most cases the placement of the implant is satisfactory providing a fully functional tooth for many years provided that you are given the necessary care.

Dental implant
What are the benefits of a dental implant?
  • The benefits of using dental implant are many:
  • Instead of wearing a denture, the dental implant is enough. It is no longer necessary to wear a removable denture that every tooth brushing must be removed.
  • The implant gives you better esthetics compare to other treatment and specifically dentures. It is impossible for others to tell that you have dental implants. The teeth are almost like natural teeth, the chewing is the same. The rejection of the implants is almost zero.
  • An implant can last up to 10 years and even longer. Which gives you some stability and assurance¬†The implant components are solid materials that are well tolerated by the body.
  • An implant also helps prevent bone problems.
What are the disadvantages?
  • The disadvantages are minimal. However, it is essential to take them into account:
  • The rejection may occur in the case where the bone is fragile or of medium quality. This is the only case where implants are not recommended unless it can be remedied by bone grafting.
  • At the level of healing, it is possible that it is delayed or even present other abnormalities
  • The risks associated with a surgical operation are not excluded: inflammation, infection, bleeding, tissue and blood vessel damage, rejection of the implant.
  • If you need a dental implant, know that it is essential to have good oral hygiene. It is also advisable to use an experienced professional. Smoking can also delay the healing process and can cause infection.