Removable Denture Implants vs. Fixed Denture:

Removable dentures

In dentistry, dentures (false teeth) are used to replace missing teeth to restore proper chewing, gum protection, speech enhancement, and appearance. Dental prostheses can be fixed or removable. We have different types of denture implant:  Removable or traditional Dentures that are not stable and they are either fully or partially removable.  

Dental Implant

The implant supported dentures is another type that is used when patients have lost their teeth, but they have enough bone density in the jaw to support implants.

When you decide to opt for removable denture implants or fixed dentures, it’s always a good idea to analyze the pros and cons of both types of dentures.

A major benefit of removable dentures is that they can be removed at home when they are not used and can be cleaned thoroughly if the food is stuck underneath, which can prevent gum inflammation problems. Removable dentures are easier to adjust and are much cheaper than fixed dentures.

For a long time, removable full dentures were the best dentistry could offer in terms of replacement dentures. Fixed implant dentures have been created in response to some of the disadvantages of removable dentures. Some of the disadvantages of removable dentures include:

  • Acceleration of bone loss
  • Instability
  • Discomfort
  • Needs replacement

Fixed denture, on the other hand,  are more comfortable. Due to their excellent stability, fixed dentures prevent bone loss and restore normal smile and function. Fixed dentures improve the ability to chew foods, they feel much more like natural teeth, and they are less likely to deteriorate over time.  Fixed dentures also have some disadvantages:

  • Because fixed dentures cannot be removed, they are prone to inflammation and other oral problems (eg implant failure)
  • Increased costs compared to removable dentures

It is clear from the above comparison between fixed and removable dentures that fixed dentures are indeed the best type of dentures. Give us a call and take advantage of this month promotion for dentures and dental implants.