Phosphoric acid damages teeth as much as cocaine!

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The enamel of our teeth may be the strongest substance of our body, it is difficult for it to be insensitive to a pH of 2.525 as it is the case for Coca Cola (a PH slightly more acid than a battery !). American researchers have studied the impact of these drinks on our teeth.

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The presence of phosphoric acid in soda controversial

We’ve all felt that weird sensation of creaky teeth after drinking Coke, Pepsi or other soda-like drinks. Yes, we all know that soda like Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid, a chemical compound that makes drinks extremely acidic!
US researchers have put pieces of dental enamel in phosphoric acid for 12 consecutive days – a period that seems long but yet researchers say that this exposure is absolutely not excessive since more than half of Americans consume sodas several times a day, which corresponds to practically daily phosphoric acid dental baths (with the difference that in the study, the concentration of phosphoric acid was much higher than in soft drinks so as to perceive more quickly the effects of phosphoric acid on the teeth).

The main acids lurking in beverages are phosphoric acid and citric acid. Phosphoric and citric acid, on the other hand, cause damage by dissolving the calcium that comprises teeth

Before being bathed in acid, the teeth were relatively smooth, hard, so overall healthy. It was difficult to extract them from the jaw and they were resistant to shocks made with dental instruments.
At the end of the 12-day test period, tooth enamel is destroyed, and the teeth have lost their hardness and resistance. It is understandable that the excessive consumption of these drinks is, in the long term, very harmful to the teeth.


Phosphoric acid damages teeth as much as cocaine!

The study is more shocking when you learn that phosphoric acid can damage our teeth as much as crystal meth or other illegal drugs.


The conclusion of the study

Drinking large amounts of soda could be as damaging to teeth as the consumption of cocaine and methamphetamine crack …