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Dental metal, known as amalgam, has been around as the standard practice for years. Amalgam or silver filling, consisting of a mix of mercury is still in use to this day, but there is a doubt over its safety. Some patients are actively choosing to have their metal removed and replaced with safer materials because of this uncertainty and also because they desire a healthier and more natural looking smile.

At Elite Dental & Implant Center, we remove your existing amalgam dental work and place mercury-free dental crowns, dental fillings, in-lays, and on-lays.

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What are non-metal dental materials?

Metal-free dental fillings are available in two possible materials at two different prices: resin composite and ceramic porcelain.

Composite consists of a healthier mix of plastics and glass which is very close to the tone and texture of a natural tooth. As an alternative to amalgam, composite fillings are now the preferred option of tooth filling for those worried about not only the appearance of their teeth but also their oral health.

Ceramic is another choice that is known for its strength. Although it’s higher in price, its strength makes it the perfect choice for individuals seeking procedures with longevity, as softer composite may require fix-ups.

Composite vs. Amalgam
  • Composite teeth appear natural, meaning no one will know you have had any dental work done. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings don’t discolor the surrounding tooth area, making it an excellent choice for maintaining the healthy appearance of your teeth for the long-term option.
  • Composite filling maintains the structure of the tooth. It requires less drilling.
  • An amalgam filling is harder than your tooth, leaving you vulnerable to breaks where a composite filling is softer, and you are less likely to break your tooth because of it. In contrast to amalgam, composite attaches itself to the structure of the tooth, restoring it to its original strength.
  • Composite can be used to mend small flaws in the teeth, such as chips, breaks, or edges that are simply worn out. Like clay, the composite resin can be sculpted to create flawless teeth that match the set you were born with.
  • To repair a composite filling work, your dentist just need to add in more composite, however, for amalgam filling, the entire filling has to be removed before your dentist could repair anything.
  • Science confirms that dental patients are exposed to mercury vapors when amalgam fillings are initially fixed into cavities, and there is evidence that those with amalgam fillings are continually exposed to mercury vapors for the life of the cavity itself. On the other hand, dentists who must work with this material in their environment are at the same health risk.
What Are The Advantages of Ceramic?

While ceramic comes with all the advantages of resin composite, ceramic lasts longer than composite.

Because of this unique attribute, ceramic porcelain is often the favored material for large scale fillings in the back teeth, which are under a greater force than other teeth. Ceramic is the material of choice for up-to-date crown applications, as traditional metal crowns wear in an unsightly fashion, leaving the wearer hesitant to smile fully.

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