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The first impression counts – both in your personal life or at the professional level. An open smile with beautiful teeth collects plus points.

If these are not naturally given to us or we have lost it due to various reasons, we can fix it with high-quality esthetic dentures, so you can smile and talk with confidence again!

Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and benefit your appearance. Dentures make it easier to eat and speak better than you could without teeth, and this directly impacts the quality of your life and your health. They can be made to closely look like your natural teeth and may even help fill out the appearance of your face and profile. Dentures can even improve your smile.

We want to give each patient the attention they deserve. From the moment you pick up the phone to every step of your appointment process and after-care, our staff wants to make every effort to connect with you and meet your expectations. This is what makes us stand out from the crowd!

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What to Expect

In the beginning, your new partial denture may feel bulky or awkward. This is normal, and you will eventually use to it.  Also, inserting and removing the partial denture like any other new things will require some practice.

Always follow the instructions given by your dentist as your denture should fit into place with relative ease. Remember never bit down to force the partial denture into position, This could bend or break the clasps.

Your dentist will give you specific instruction about how long the denture should be worn and when it should be removed. Initially, your dentist may advise you to wear your partial denture all the time. Although this may be uncomfortable at first, it’s the quickest way to find out if any areas need adjustment. For example, if your denture puts too much pressure on a particular area, that spot will become sore and it hurts. Your dentist will adjust the partial denture to fit more comfortably. After making adjustments, your dentist will probably recommend that you take the partial denture out of your mouth before going to bed and replace it in the morning.

You will enjoy eating more with dentures. In the beginning, eat soft foods that are cut into small pieces. Try to chew on both sides of the mouth to keep even pressure. Avoid foods that are extremely sticky or hard. You may want to avoid chewing gum during the adjustment period. Don’t worry you will be able to chew gum later.

A partial denture can also help improve your speech. If it’s hard for you to pronounce certain words, just be patient, practice reading out loud. Repeat the words that give you trouble. With time, you will become better and better speaking properly with your partial denture.

Type of Dentures

Implant dentures: These dentures are secured to titanium posts that have been implanted into your jaw. They function and look like natural teeth and have many advantages like comfort and stability.

Cosmetic dentures: These dentures are specifically created to help maintain healthy jaw muscles. After a period of time with tooth loss, the jawbone slowly diminishes, creating a sunken, older look. The cosmetic dentures are seated upon the jaw and adjoining facial muscles, giving facial support. This also helps relaxing facial muscles for a more lifted, youthful appearance.

Overdentures: Some of your teeth may be healthy and you may not require a full set of new teeth, therefore your dentist advises you overdenture which can fit over the remaining healthy teeth.

Partial dentures or removable dentures: They replace a tooth or several teeth. The replacement teeth are affixed to a gum-colored base, filling the space, with a clasp that attaches to your natural teeth.