Having a regular checkup is the first step toward maintaining good health for your teeth and gums. The dentists at Elite Dental & Implant Center offer a wide range of services to help you keep your mouth in a healthy and ideal condition.

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Brighten & Maintain a Healthy Smile

Scheduling regular teeth cleaning appointments can be one of the best preventative methods to delay painful and costly dental issues in the future. We encourage our patients to visit us at least twice per the calendar year. However, if you have gum disease, you will be required to visit more regularly. At Elite Dental & Implant Center we provide world-class dental care and achieve incredible results.

We utilize the latest technologies and offer personalized dental solutions geared toward exceeding patient expectations. Our dentists uphold a caring approach, maintain open communication with patients, and create a cheerful environment. When you visit our office, we will take the time to discuss your goals and help you become familiar with the procedures. Make your teeth cleaning visit a pleasant one by selecting Elite Dental & Implant Center to handle all of your dental needs.

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Keep Your Teeth Healthy
  1. Brush your teeth before going to bed and brush properly
  2. Brush your tongue gently every time you brush your teeth
  3. Use a fluoride toothpaste as it defenses against tooth decay.
  4. Don’t forget to floss: it’s a way to stimulate the gums, reduce plaque, and help lower inflammation in the area.
  5. Use mouthwash
  6. See your dentist at least twice a year
What Happens During a Checkup
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Checking the health of each tooth for signs of decay
  • Digital X-rays
  • Possibly some restorative work, such as dental crowns and bridges, tooth fillings, and dental implants
  • Gently probing your gums for signs of tenderness, bleeding, or disease
  • In case of seeing any signs of disease oral DNA saliva testing  
What happens during a cleaning

When you first get into the dentist’s chair, most often you’ll be working with a dental hygienist to start your visit. The dental hygienist is skilled at removing both plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque is essentially a build-up of bacteria that accumulates around your teeth and gum line, if not removed, they will cause issues like tooth decay and cavities or long-term conditions like gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Tartar, on the other hand, is the product that is created after plaque resides on your teeth for an extended period of time. Tartar appears as a yellowish, harder material that requires more effort for the dental hygienist to remove. While plaque can cause several dental issues, tartar can accelerate those issues the longer it stays on your teeth. That’s why it’s important to take your routine dental visits twice a year more seriously. As plaque and tartar are removed, some patients experience discomfort and bleed slightly.

The next step is using a specialized electric toothbrush to remove any remnants of plaque or tartar that may still be on your teeth after the initial cleaning. Flossing and rinsing with fluoride then concludes the cleaning portion of the visit.

Why Elite Dental & Implant Center

At Elite Dental & Implant Center, we are committed to providing premium dental care for our patients with cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to make our dentistry services pain free, precise and comfortable.

We want to give each patient the attention they deserve. From the moment you pick up the phone to every step of your appointment process and after-care, our staff wants to make every effort to connect with you and meet your expectations. This is what makes us stand out from the crowd! We look forward to meeting you so call us today!

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