Does tongue piercing ruin your teeth?

Drill a part of the body to insert metal jewelry is called piercing. A very common practice, but, as we know, is not without risks. The application alone, especially if it is done without the rules of hygiene and by people who are not professional can cause infections (such as hepatitis and HIV). Let’s not forget, too, the risk of an allergic reaction to ornament is high too.

This is true for all types of piercings, but, if metal jewelry is inserted into the tongue, there is also a long-term risk: the potential for tooth damage. According to the experts, the continuous movement of the piercing against the teeth of the upper jaw, while you talk or eat, changes the position of the teeth (Crooked teeth). Also, in the long run, the piercing can create tooth damage, infections, and abscesses in the teeth and mouth.

If you already did the piercing:
Rinse your mouth regularly; rinse the area with chlorhexidine solution for 2 weeks.
Avoid playing with the piercing to minimize trauma to the gums, teeth and mouth.
Have the piercing checked regularly by a dentist