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Why snap-on smile?

Not everyone has the money or the time to undergo orthodontic treatment, so they choose this alternative that doesn’t involve permanently altering their natural teeth.

Snap-On Smile is a removable & noninvasive dental arch that snaps over existing teeth.
This appliance is less expensive than other procedures and offers a temporary solution to cosmetic dental issues like uneven teeth, stained or crooked teeth.

Snap-On Smile is a patented, easy and painless method to achieve a perfectly beautiful smile. … It fits right over patient’s own teeth to give a natural looking smile—even if there are conditions like stains, chips, gaps or missing teeth.

How long will a snap-on smile last for?

Snap-on smile is built to be durable and comfortable, but like any other alternatives, it won’t last forever – particularly if they are worn constantly over a long period of time. To make your snap-on smile last longer, it’s recommended that you don’t wear it to sleep in – especially if you have problems with grinding or clenching, this will only make it wear out faster. Patients will usually find that they don’t need or want to wear the appliance to bed, as it’s easier to maintain cleanliness if it is left out, and it’s probably more comfortable. However, it is your appliance to wear when and how you like, talk to our dentists at Elite Dental & Implant Center about what’s right for you and how best to take care of your smile.

If you would prefer to wear the device every day, just make sure you clean it after eating and before bed. To clean it soak the device in the cleaning solution for about fifteen minutes every day and brush lightly with a soft toothbrush – don’t use toothpaste, soap or washing up liquid, it will take the shine off and spoil the finish. Store in the carry case supplied when not in use, and remember to keep it in a safe place, it’s an expensive product that could be costly to replace if lost or damaged.

How Do I Get a Snap-On Smile?

The procedure of getting a Snap-On Smile requires two appointments. First, we determine whether or not you are a good candidate. In that case, impressions will be made of your own teeth and you will then test a preview of the design– either through a mock-up wax cast made from the impressions or digital smile analysis software.
Once you’re satisfied with your future new look, your dentist will send off your impressions to the lab to create your Snap-On Smile. The second appointment with your dentist is to ensure it fits properly and to make minor adjustments, if necessary.

Can You Eat Or Drink With Snap-On Smile?

You can technically eat and drink while wearing your Snap-On Smile, however, the manufacturer warns against doing so while chewing gum or eating sticky foods. Also, drinks such as soda, coffee, or wine can cause the resin to darken.

Some dentists even advise against eating at all while wearing the Snap-On Smile, since hard or crunchy foods can wear down the product prematurely and the arch can trap food, that can cause tooth decay.

Who is a good candidate?

Snap-On Smile may be a good option for the patient who currently can’t afford more extensive dental work such as veneer or dental implant, but who would still like to feel confident about their smiles.

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Why Elite Dental & Implant Center

At Elite Dental & Implant Center, we are committed to providing premium dental care for our patients with cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to make our dentistry services pain free, precise and comfortable.

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How a Snap-On Smile Works

The Snap-On Smile is created using unique, proprietary, high-tech dental resin. This resin is used to form extremely thin, but extremely strong devices that snap on over the top of your existing natural teeth. People use it to instantly transform their smile from a stained, chipped, broken smile to something that can be extremely proud of. Since they literally snap into place, you can put them on and smile brightly when you take your family pictures.


If your teeth have gaps, cracks, stains, or are missing, Snap-On Smile could be an excellent choice for you. In addition, if for various reasons, you are not a good candidate for bridges or implants, the Snap-On Smile could be an alternative to standard partial dentures. Literally, anyone who wants a perfect smile is the right candidate for the Snap-On Smile. Whether you have crooked teeth or have badly stained teeth from too much coffee drinking or smoking, this solution works incredibly well. Just give us a call at 818-578-6733 today and make an appointment!

Pros of Snap-On Smile
  • It’s noninvasive and painless
  • Doesn’t require the removal of any tooth enamel
  • It comes with a 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • It’s more affordable that Veneers or dental implants

Cons of Snap-On Smile
  • Depends on the proper daily care, it lasts between 2-5 years
  • The dental arch is a single piece of resin, so no gap between the teeth like there would be naturally.