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Everyone’s idea of beautiful is different, so how do you know you and your dentist are imaging the same results for your smile makeover?  Dr. Patricia Bezad at Elite Dental & Implant Center now offers Digital Smile Design (DSD) to help patients’ visualize and design their smile makeover based on their concerns, goals, and budget. Using DSD, Dr. Bezad and her patients can design a smile makeover based on the patient’s whole face (eyes, cheeks, nose) to fit the patient when they smile, laugh, talk, and more. 

Dr. Bezad can go through simulated results of different options and combinations of treatments until their perfect smile is designed. The DSD allows patients to see not only their potential results but to understand the steps in their treatment. Schedule a smile makeover consultation with Digital Smile Design to see your smile’s full potential.

What To Expect

Using a Digital camera, a team member will capture the patient’s image, personality, and movement (smiling, laughing, talking, etc.). These images will be uploaded into the Digital Smile Design system and both the dentist and patient can see the potential results of different treatments. By using DSD advanced technology we are able to show patients what they can and can’t change so they have realistic expectations for their smile makeover.

Plan Your Perfect Smile

Don’t guess what you want your smile to look like, use Digital Smile Design to see your potential results and create your custom smile makeover plan. DSD helps you and your dentist to be on the same page before your treatment begins and you’ll know what to expect. Schedule a consultation to get your personalized smile makeover with Digital Smile Design.

Anticipated Costs

One of the advantages of Digital Smile Design treatment plan is to help patients with an estimate of their costs, which allows them to make choices for their budget. During the DSD consultation, patients can also learn about payment options through 3 well-known companies like Lending Club, Care credit and Green sky.