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What advantages can a dental implant offer?


  • The dental implant looks and is as stable as your own tooth.
  • The bone is firmly attached to the implant.
  • Implants enable a much stronger biting than prostheses.
  • Implants stabilize the jawbone and reduce bone loss.

A beautiful smile and beautiful teeth are symbols of health and attractiveness. What we do at Elite Dental & Implant Center is to focus on modern implantology. Whether it’s a single tooth restoration for gap closure, dentures, or all teeth are missing in one half of the jaw, we provide a safe solution that makes our client happy and leaves our center with a beautiful memorable smile.
Implant dentistry nowadays offers an alternative to dental crowns and bridges or even dentures. Our minimally invasive procedure offers fast healing after implantation.
Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are inserted into the jawbone instead of a missing tooth. Most implants are made of pure titanium.

Requirements for implantation

For a successful dental implant, general oral health is important. The jaw bone should have a minimum height of 8 mm and a minimum width of 5 mm for the implantation. If the jawbone supply is not enough, modern dentistry can build bones.

  • The gums must be healthy at first, otherwise, a gum treatment will take place beforehand.
  • Periodontitis is treated before implantation.
  • Infected teeth are treated before implantation.
  • Remained root are removed prior to implantation.
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Frequently asked questions:
– When is the best time for implantation?

The jawbone recedes by about 50% in the first two to three years after a tooth loss. For this reason, implantation ideally takes place about two to twelve weeks after the tooth removal. In some cases, immediate replacement after tooth removal is advised.


– How long do implants last?

With good oral hygiene and regular dental visit, an implant can last a lifetime.


– What is the long-term success rate of implants?

Scientific studies show that, depending on the procedure and individual patient requirements, more than 90 percent of all patients treated benefit from the implant even after 10 years.

Prerequisite for this is good oral hygiene and regular professional tooth and implant cleaning at the dentist office.

  • For speedy recovery, make sure to follow the instruction given to you by your dentist and take any prescription you are given.
  • You have to make sure to keep the area clean so oral hygiene is essential
  • In rare cases, the implant may be rejected. If so, a new implant is immediately put in place, in some cases, the dentist decides to do it later.
  • It is very rare for two consecutive implants to reject.