Change your life in a day with TeethXpress fixed denture

Nowadays, tooth implants are the best option for missing teeth and with good care, they can potentially last a lifetime.

Every day we hear about cheap dental implants either on the billboards or online advertisements.  The truth is that the price they are giving you is just for a portion of the work. They don’t mention anything about the entire process. Dental implants are a package of three components: A) the base which is like a screw and it bonds with your jaw B) the connector that is installed on top of the dental implant to support and hold the crowns and C) the dental crown. They are all custom made for you to fit in your mouth and match your natural teeth. What we hear in advertisements is the cost of just one component. That being said, implant treatment, specifically TeethXpress implants, is not a cheap treatment, instead, it’s considered as a long-term investment.

At Elite dental and implant center in Tarzana, we use TeethXpress fixed denture. These state-of-art procedures use implants with Laser-Lok technology a remarkable innovation, exclusively from BioHorizons. Laser-Lok is a series of cell-sized microchannels that are laser-machined onto the implant surface. Isn’t that just mind-blowing?

While virtually all tooth implants on the market have a roughened surface to promote attachment of bone cells, only Laser-Lok channels are optimally sized to attach bone cells and gum cells. This enhances stability and seals out food particles and other debris that could get below the gum line and cause infection or tooth decay.

Check TeethXpress reviews to see how this revolutionary technology has helped thousands of patients to achieve a long-lasting natural look result.

Dental Implant
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