eating after dental implant
What can I eat after dental implant placement?
Here is another question you asked us at Elite dental and implant center about dental...
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Does tongue piercing ruin your teeth?
Drill a part of the body to insert metal jewelry is called piercing. A very...
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eating with braces
What to eat with dental braces?
It can be difficult to eat if you have dental braces, especially during the first...
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soda and teeth health
Phosphoric acid damages teeth as much as cocaine!
The enamel of our teeth may be the strongest substance of our body, it is...
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drinking milk for a healthy teeth
Is drinking milk helping you to have a healthy teeth?
Here are some nutrition and benefits of drinking milk: Calcium Proteins Vitamin A Vitamin D...
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Tooth Implant
Change your life in a day with TeethXpress fixed denture
Nowadays, tooth implants are the best option for missing teeth and with good care, they...
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Removable dentures
Removable Denture Implants vs. Fixed Denture:
In dentistry, dentures (false teeth) are used to replace missing teeth to restore proper chewing,...
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Dental Veneer
What Are Dental Veneer & How They Are Placed?
People with a beautiful smile always like to post it in social media, where it...
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Dental Implant
What Are The Benefits Of a Dental Implant?
Your teeth are very valuable, be careful with cheap dental implants! You are at the...
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